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Aceally Racking is a Top 1 Warehousing Logistics Equipment Integrator in China, its sales network has spread all over the world, including Australia, Middle East, North America, South America,etc.


Aceally Group not only has heavy and light style Racking factory, but also has Forklift, Flower Transportation, Pallet, Wire Container, Wire Mesh Decking and other factories.


Aceally through their own source advantage and powerful strength, building strategic alliances with Forklift, Pallet, Wire Mesh Decking, Tool Cabinet and other Logistic Equipment enterprises of Top 10 in China. It makes the production line of Aceally warehousing logistics equipment available in all varieties. In Aceally, customers can purchasing equipment in one step, with cheap price, high quality, and satisfied service.


Aceally using 15 years to develop Warehouse Storage industry, and developed very quickly within 15 years in Warehouse Storage industry,Aceallyhas becoming an industry leader. And then spent 5 years to develop Logistics Equipment industry, now Aceally has become a Warehousing Logistics Equipment Integrators, it pointed out the future derection of the industry.


Through Business to business model to face terminal customers directly, cut off the middleman part. The price of equipment has dropped a lot, bring real benefit to terminal customers, the purchaser is user.


Aceally Group not only sells products, but also offer free technical support and after-sale service.With our professional design team, we have years of experience to provide the best solutions to our customers.If you know nothing about Racking or Logistic Equipment, it doesn’t matter, you just need send us your requirements, all the rest to Aceally. One cooperation, lifetime satisfaction.


Aceally Racking, saving your time, creating fortune for you.

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Pallet Racking,Shelving,Steel Wire Mesh,Racking Accessories,Dock leveler,dock ramp,Steel Lockers,Plastic pallet,Flower Trolley,Hand pallet truck,wire mesh decking,wire mesh container,wire shelving,mobile shelving,boltless rivet shelving,longspan shelving,slotted angle shelving,supermarket shelving,cantilever racking,carton live racking,drive in racking,gravity rack,mezzanine floor,push back racking,radio shuttle racking,steel platform,vna racking,automated storage and retrieval system

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